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At Commonwealth, we have one goal: to do whatever it takes to help your independent financial advisor help you. We've succeeded through a collective dedication to service—and we look forward to serving you through your advisor.

Commonwealth's Standards

Who we are

In simple terms—and we like to keep it simple—we make sure your advisor is empowered to give you, the investor, objective advice and to make recommendations based on your best interest—not ours.  

What we do

We take care of advisors, freeing up their time and attention so they can take care of you. We provide them with technology, tools, and guidance to keep them focused on your financial goals. And we've been doing it for 40 years and counting. Beyond our industry accolades, what we're most proud of is that along with our national network of dedicated professionals, people from all walks of life entrust us to invest more than $200 billion to prepare for their future. 

Serving you through your advisor is an opportunity to demonstrate why so many independent financial advisors call Commonwealth home. We hope you'll feel at home here, too.