Why Village Wealth Management?


We have all seen paintings or pictures of the “good old days.” They harken back to a time of trust among neighbors and business owners who might easily exchange a smile and a handshake as a show of good faith.
What is it that makes that image so special? We believe it’s the underlying sense of compassion, and we strive to recapture that level of trust in the modern age.   
Simply put, at Village Wealth Management, you can invest in Wall Street without leaving Main Street.
We take time to talk with you, listen to your goals, and plan for your future. We have a comprehensive focus for successfully achieving and maintaining your long-term financial goals. Above all, we will offer guidance and respect for your decisions.
Village Wealth Management has an accomplished and energetic team with a solid history of achievement in financial planning. We are motivated and dedicated to high levels of client satisfaction. Tradition, values, and integrity are important to us. So is being an integral part of the fabric of the Dundee community. 
It’s simple. And that’s the idea.
Village Wealth Management is here to help. We’re just a phone call, e-mail, or fax away.
Better yet, stop by our office and have a friendly chat. We’ll be glad to offer you a smile and a handshake, as they did in the good old days.